Columbia USA pocket watch info?

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    Columbia USA pocket watch info?

    Howdy gents. I have an old hunter cased Columbia USA pocket watch. Serial number on movement is 4030662. I have been trying to find some info online to date this watch and find a little more about it.
    Was Columbia its own company or made by another watch maker?
    On Ebay I often see watches listed as Illinois Columbia for the same watch. Were these made by Illinois?
    Any good websites for this one? Thanks. Rip

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    Re: Columbia USA pocket watch info?

    There was a Columbia Watch Company of Waltham Mass but they were only in business from 1896-1899 so they aren't what you are looking for.
    Illinois did make Columbia models so that makes more sense. The serial number would correspond to a date of manufacture of 1923.
    Illinois was purchased by Hamilton in 1927.
    If you post some pictures of the movement we might be able to identify it more precisely for you.

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