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    CORTEBERT Pocket Watch ID

    Hello, as You see this is my first (and i hope so not last) post on this forum.
    I have short questions: Could You tell me something about this CORTEBERT watch?
    It seems it is maded before first war. But is there any option to know when it was maded?
    I've never seen "Otto Rus" Signature before.

    One more question: Rapair cost would be about 30 euro - is that watch worth to be rapaired for that price?

    Here is album with high quality pics:
    Yfrog Album

    Any information will be valuable
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    Re: CORTEBERT Pocket Watch ID

    I believe that Otto Rus was most likely the original recipient of the watch.
    The German hallmark of the moon and crown was instituted in 1884. The Swiss hallmark of the wood grouse was started in 1883 and that style was used until 1934.
    Only the UK added date hallmarks to watch cases.
    30 euros seems very reasonable to restore a watch to good working condition.
    If you're planning to use the watch then it would be worthwhile.
    If you're not planning to use the watch, then it would certainly be a waste of money.

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    Re: CORTEBERT Pocket Watch ID

    The watch itself has clearly seen better days; the mainspring click is missing, the bridges have been badly scratched, and there's some odd chunks visible around the main barrel gear, as if someone tried to pry out the gear. The hairlines on the face suggest that the watch has been dropped; the cracks look like they radiate out from where the barrel arbor would be. And the case screws look a bit tarnished/rusty, which makes me fear for the steel parts that we can't see.

    You don't see a lot of cylinders made past the turn of the century, so pre-WW1 isn't an unreasonable assumption. And given what I said above about the condition, 30 euro seems like a bargain if its an honest estimate. I'd want to see the breakdown of what the watchmaker thinks needs to be fixed though. I can't imagine it being done that cheaply unless the watchmaker happens to have a stock of old cortebert movement/parts to use.

    Is it worth it? Horologically, yes. As an investment in the resale of the watch? Probably not unless someone knows something significant about it.
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