Cortebert Transportation 23 Jewel
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    Cortebert Transportation 23 Jewel arrived today and I had to do a bit of work. Apparently the previous watchmaker failed the square peg square hole test. The larger winding wheel was sitting high. Found out that is because of instead of lining up the square.arbor to the square hole....he figured he could just tighten the screw down on it.until it held. I had to get it apart, not that easy, and then file the.burrs off. Made sure not to round it or remove too.much metal. Got it back together and now the wheel sits flush the way it should. Even based on what that guy did.. times out to 5-7+ sec a day.

    So now I am in research mode. The movement says it is a 23j cal 528. unadjusted marking but then there is also no.adjustment markings either. The dial mentionsAntimagnetic so the hairspring is not.steel and the balance is solid with screws for adjustment. I don't see a lot out there about the 23.jewel version of the 528. Were these approved.for Canadian railroad use or what was their market?

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    Re: Cortebert Transportation 23 Jewel

    I’m wondering if it could have been for another form of transportation, other than trains? Trams or Omnibuses? All have need of good time keepers for scheduling.

    Just a thought and it’s a real looker


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