Could use help identifying this watch

Thread: Could use help identifying this watch

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    Could use help identifying this watch

    Anyone know what kind of watch this is? I've noticed its missing the winding dial - how much do those generally cost to get replaced?
    Its a 17 Jewel unadjusted Lucerne - Swiss Made by the words written on it
    Also, would this be worth much?
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    Re: Could use help identifying this watch

    Very common 70s pocket watch sold by the millions in tourist shops and novelty shops everywhere, at the time.
    As to it's worth, we don't do watch valuations here as a rule, check the forums rule section, but I will say it's not worth much.

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    Re: Could use help identifying this watch

    Agreed. The cost of repair would be higher than the value of the watch.
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    Please don't PM me to ask for a valuation - I won't attempt one.

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    Re: Could use help identifying this watch

    To the best of my knowledge, "Lucerne" is a trade name usable by anyone who manufactures watches in the Lucerne region. The movement is a relatively inexpensive "pin lever" movement that has been creatively "jeweled" to give the appearance of a better quality "jeweled lever". These movements flourished during the start of the quartz crisis, as their lower-costs allowed them to compete with the influx of increasingly cheap quartz watches while still appealing to the older consumers who distrusted them fancy new non-ticking things.
    My growing collection of "affordable" vintages:

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