Could you help me Identify this pocket watch.

Thread: Could you help me Identify this pocket watch.

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    Could you help me Identify this pocket watch.

    I really need some help with this. in the watch are the words 0,800 Silver. 6016 as number. A R F S with some signs and Chronometre hercules. These are some clues.

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    Re: Could you help me Identify this pocket watch.

    I'm not sure what the movement is. But Dr. Ranfft's movement archive (google is your friend!) probably has it. Diligent searching will find it is someone does not pop in with an identification.

    The solid silver case will polish up to a high shine but don't use abrasive paste so detail is preserved.

    I suspect it is a Swiss watch from the 20's or 30's based on the style and 'brand' (or lack thereof) but that's just guess.

    Is this a family piece with some history?
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    Re: Could you help me Identify this pocket watch.

    Metal dial sugests that watch was made in 1930's,and I'd say that this is German brand of Henzi und Pfaff from Pforzeim.I'm guessing so take my opinion on brand with reserve.Rgds!
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