Cracked my grandfathers Elgin

Thread: Cracked my grandfathers Elgin

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    Cracked my grandfathers Elgin

    I really don't know too much of the history of this watch because my grandfather died when I was pretty young. He left me this watch and it still runs. Unfortunately today I screwed around and dropped it. Ahhhh....

    It looks like it has a silver center with two birds on it. From what I've read it seems like they sold the movements and various companies put cases on them. This case has nothing but his initials on the back. no other markings whatsoever. My question is are these watches case sizes common enough to still have replacement crystals available? It seems like it is thin glass. How upset should I be?

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    Re: Cracked my grandfathers Elgin

    Welcome to WatchuSeek.

    Put your mind at ease, there will be no problem replacing the crystal. A watchmaker will often have a set of crystals of different sizes that can be used to fit your watch. It's not a particularly difficult or expensive repair.

    Hopefully nothing is broken in the movement, because replacing the delicate balance staff could be a bigger issue.
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    Re: Cracked my grandfathers Elgin

    Oh thanks for the welcome and thanks for easing my mind. I was a bit upset with myself for being so careless.

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    Re: Cracked my grandfathers Elgin

    Luckily, even if movement parts are needed, they are widely available for popular Elgins even today. Hopefuly it's just the crystal, though.
    Crystals do crack, there is nothing very strange about that, yet it's always very unpleasant to crack one ;)
    Have a great day!!!

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