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    Croton Nivada Grenchen Info?


    I just purchased an old Croton Nivada Grenchen 'Sea Blade' watch.

    I can't open it up to take pictures but it's 1958, 17 jewel, incabloc, waterproof, and you can see in the pictures (if attachment worked) it was engraved in 1958.
    Chromed case measures 31.3mm diameter (excluding crown), 39.3mm lug to lug.

    It seems to be running fine, keeps time. A little banged up looking, as you can see from pics. Silver dial, according to seller, now kinda yellowed. I took it into repair shop and the owner told me it had only been serviced twice, the last time being in the early 60's. It would be $70 to get serviced, but I bought it for considerably less than that.

    I like the watch but would like as much info on it as possible and ask if you all think it would be worth $70. Otherwise, the owner told me I could just let it run, since it seems to have been going fine since over 40 years without service!

    But i was able to glean from this forum that Croton was a decent brand back when this watch was made but went downhill later, that they imported nivada grenchen to U.S. and put their name on it? And nivada grenchen is Swiss?

    Any information on Croton, Nivada Grenchen and of course my specific watch - Croton Nivada Grenchen Sea Blade would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Croton Nivada Grenchen Info?

    Can't tell you much about the brand, but I think the 50's were one of the best era's of Swiss watchmaking from a mass-production quality standpoint.

    $70 is a good price for a service, and you should pretty much <always> get your vintage watch serviced when you buy it (unless you know for sure that it was already done). Don't let the fact that the service cost more then the watch deter you; you'd spend that regardless of how much the watch costs. It's like changing the oil on your car.
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    Re: Croton Nivada Grenchen Info?

    Welcome on Watchuseek. Using our search function would have led you to some interesting threads, here' s just one

    From my inbox
    "Mike, I have a Nivada vintage dress watch. Can you tell me about
    them. I thought that Croton made the Swiss Nivada....."

    And here´s my answer which I took from a former post here on WUS:

    Nivada was founded in 1925 at Grenchen/Switzerland known as Wüllimann
    Schneider Nivada S.A.
    Nivada never made the step to produce own (in-house) movements. Instead
    of developping own movements Nivada relied on buying proven and
    reliable moverments from ETA and Phénix S.A. (Porrentruy/Switzerland).
    Nivada was known for producing an overall good quality. Some of their famous watches have been
    + "Rollamatic" (some named "Rollador") with cal. Phenix 200
    + "Reglavit", a waterresistant watch, to regulate the watch you had to
    use a screw in the back of the watch so you had not to open the case
    which was important to it´s waterresistance
    + "Antartic", a three hands watch with date indication
    + "Depthmaster", waterresistant to 1000m (the case was similar to
    + "Depthomatic" , fitted with ETA 2472, 200m waterresisant
    + "Alertamatic", alarm watch with Lemania 2980, very similar to Omega
    Memomatic (cal. 980).

    --men´s Nivado chrono with Valjoux 23 from my collection--

    Because of the fact that there had been a strong relationship to
    "Phenix S.A." (which belonged to MSR) Nivada was able to sell the Vulcain
    "Cricket" under the name of Nivada. This watch was named "Wanderer".
    This watch has been sold in the US by Croton.

    --My wife´s Nivada--

    BTW: The Croton Watch Co. was the US distributor of Nivada, also
    known as Horowitz & Son Inc./New York. The cooperation of Nivada and
    Croton was so close that all three "Nivada", "Croton" and "Croton
    Nivada" have been brought to the US market.

    In 1976 Nivada celebrated it´s 50th anniversary by launching a
    very special catalogue. Forced by the quartz crisis Nivada closed down.
    The trademark was sold lateron (maybe to Asia/Chine/HK - I don´t know).

    Google will lead you to a new website of NIVADA.

    At auctions Croton/Nivada vintage waches in good or excellent condition
    fetch 400 to 1200 Euro. They are worth to be collected imho.

    Hope this will answer your question regarding Nivada.
    Kind regards
    Kind regards

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    Re: Croton Nivada Grenchen Info?

    Wow, thanks a lot for the info! I had seen some of that from this forum, but missed most of it.

    I'm completely new to vintage watches. The very little I know so far has come from this forum. Are there any other (offline) sources of information? Is there any chance of being able to find out any more about my particular model and what it might be worth? As you can see, it has a lot of wear.

    thanks aagain for all the information you've provided!

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    Re: Croton Nivada Grenchen Info?

    hi there Mike, this is my first time on this site and not even sure who or how to ask what i want to know, but here it seem to be very knolodgable on watches and hence my request, if you would be so kind, i have searched and searched to get some info on a Nivada Grenchen deptmaster which my father gave me. it keeps perfect time and once i wind it each morning it hasnt let me down, i would like to know how old it is, where did it come from and is it valuable, should i get it insured? as i already said, sorry if i'm on the wrong page but any help would be realy appreciated. i have included a link to my flickr account where i have posted some pictures.

    many thanks in advance.

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