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    Croton Nivada Gretchen - opinions...

    Spent some time at my favorite used watch store today, I noticed this Croton Nivada Gretchen for 650 dollars. Comes with a one year warranty, they service all vintage movements at this place.

    I assume this is a manual watch. Any opinions on this watch would be appreciated....The red section on the right is cool in my opinion, though I don't yet know what it does...

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    Re: Croton Nivada Gretchen - opinions...

    It depends which movement is in it. The pushers look to be symetrical, so probably not a Val 23, which is the most desirable. It could be anything else in there, from a Landeron to a Val 7733. You would be wise to confirm the movement, and if a Val 23 - snap it up!

    The red section is a 5 min countdown for yacht racing.

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