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    Croton Watch ID

    Hello to all. I am a new member and this is my first post. I am trying to find out more information on a Croton watch. It belonged to my father, and I think it was purchased sometime in the late 1930's or early '40's. I have tried to find a picture somewhere on the web of this particular model, but struck out. Some information; It is not the original band. By the time I took possession, it had a cheap flexible metal band, which I replaced with black leather. The watch functions properly, but is about 1 minute slow/2 days.It has a radium dial! (which makes my Geiger counter tick quite well on the crystal side (not so much off the back). There are two scales; the outer one is a chronometer type for MPH, and the inner is a "telemeter" scale which I believe is a crude "speed of sound" scale. Please forgive the quality of the attached photos. All of my real camera gear is in Florida, so I took these shots in NJ with my cell phone. Any information you could give me on this watch would be most appreciated. Thanks, Steve
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    Re: Croton Watch ID

    Croton still exists but the current company bought the name to legitimize their Asian products. The original Swiss company retailed the brand by buying movements, dials, and cases and retailing the combination, like most Swiss brands of that era. It will be very difficult to date this watch without seeing the movement inside but the dial and case lend credence to your around 1940 date.

    These early chronographs are wonderful and if not abused can still be nice watches today. Please get it serviced. Your timing problems may well go away after service.
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    Re: Croton Watch ID

    I tend to view chronographs with round pushers as being not as old; the ones from the 40's tended to have those squarish ones.
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