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    Cyma Braille Pocket Watch

    I wonder if any one has any information about these watches and how old it is? From what I have found online Cyma is listed as an upmarket luxury Swiss watch maker,is this correct?
    This watch was given to my late father by St Dunstan`s (now called Blind Veterans UK) after he was blinded serving with the RAF in WW2.I understand that all St Dunstaners where given these watches even after WW1,so may be its a 20`s time piece? Any information would be appreciated,by the way it still gives perfect time.
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    Re: Cyma Braille Pocket Watch

    That is nice! I had an acquaintance (brother of my godmother) who was blind since childhood and nevertheless made it to maths professor! One of the most remarkable people I have ever known. He had a wrist watch for the blind which had a crystal that could be opened. I have never seen a pocket watch for the blind, though. As for age, it looks quite clean and might be from any time between the twenties and the sixties. The hallmarks on the silver case might help date it more accurately.

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