Cyma restoration project.

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    Cyma restoration project.


    1. Dial cleanup.
    Minute markers reapeared. Hour markers without mud... Even SWISS MADE is visible again :)
    Before -> After

    2. Case... Any suggestions about this? I can not justify professional replating for this watch.
    Any tutorials on polishing? I could at least remove what's left of chrome...
    What about the lost details. Can I somehow recreate them?
    What after polishing? Maybe one of those home based replating solutions?

    3. Movement servicing. It has Cyma 011K/013K caliber
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    Re: Cyma restoration project.

    First of all, I like how the dial is coming up, even though I loved the yellowed bullseye before. In the end, I think it does look better.

    As to case re-polishing/prep before, I've been doing some of that myself at the moment. Essential product is protective tape; mine comes from Cousins in the UK, but you can find it elsewhere. Cousins sell two brands, I've been using the less expensive. Tape over details and off you go; I've been using micro buffer wheels and Dialux (both Cousins) on a Dremel, and cleaning everything off, then off to the platers. Personally, I might be tempted to re-do the lost detail on the lug top using a burr, a steady hand and tape, but that's just me.

    No experience on home plating kits, but would love to hear if you do.

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