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    Cypres Watch Co.

    Does anyone know about or can point me to any resources to learn more about the Cypres Watch Company? I believe it is Swiss, but all I have been able to find is the company trademark and that it was used here in New York starting 2/1/35 and filed for 3/8/37.

    I'm curious because I have a Cypres ladies diamond and platinum/iridium dress watch that belonged to my late grandmother and would like to know more about it. A couple of the rectangular-faced versions have shown up in auctions, but I've not been able to find one with a round face.


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    Re: Cypres Watch Co.

    This page Ranfft Watches, US Import Codes gives the import code for Cypres, CXD and it says Erwin Triebold in brackets. Mikrolisk Muros - Erwin Triebold then gives Muros which you can try googling - I've got to go out now.

    Someone else may be able to help more.

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