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    Demi-Chronometre pocket watch

    trying to get additional info on this pocket watch. 10 rubis. thanks for any info you can give me.
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    Re: Demi-Chronometre pocket watch

    Well, Swiss in all likelihood. Dial has art nouveau style hands common in the 1890s. The movement looks like a cylinder escapement. Hartmut Richter is the final authority around here on these types of movements. "Demi-Chronometre" sounds like a marketing sort of thing.

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    Re: Demi-Chronometre pocket watch

    Yep - definitely a cylindre escapement movement. You can see that the last cock in line to the balance holds a wheel (with the characteristic teeth coming up from it), not a lever. Around turn of the century (19th, that is), I would say.

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