Dials for complex old wrist watches
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Thread: Dials for complex old wrist watches

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    Dials for complex old wrist watches

    I have a few chronograph w.w. with a variety of dial surface finishes and high resolution precise scales. What are the materials and finish for the 80 year old Lemania copper color with red, blue and black fine scales that look new? Other old Swiss dials do not seem to be as durable. artb

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    Re: Dials for complex old wrist watches

    I have found the main factor is the aging of dials is the casing. If the watch has stayed water and airtight over the years, the dial degrades as a much lower rate. This will vary from watch to watch.

    As to material, paint degrades faster than silvering which is a deposition process (I don't think silver is actually used). I have watched the folks at International Dial do this and they say it is pretty durable. Various paints degrade at different rates depending on the composition of the paint.

    Another factor is has the watch actually been redialed in its life. A properly redialed watch will look the same as a original and can often not be distinguished. (International Dial always codes their redials on the back so you can tell if they redialed it.)

    Of course the most durable is enameled dials... but they are pretty rare and shock will often crack them.

    Good to see your post Art. I'll have to go back and see what I've missed in the past year!
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    Re: Dials for complex old wrist watches

    Eeeb; very thorough description about dial aging. Fairly confident the single owner of the copper did not replace it. The white dial Lemania is the first so called waterproof Lemania also sold as waterproof Omega confirming your description about well sealed cases preserving dials. It has its original fishskin strap probably never got wet.

    Somebody know if copper color dial is plated, printed and clear coated? artb

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