In dire straits ! :'(

Thread: In dire straits ! :'(

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    In dire straits ! :'(

    Hello everyone.

    Came across this particular pocket watch for reasonable money.

    I am in a bit of a situation as I cant seem to find any information about the name that is written on the dial.

    The name is:


    I do not know if this ANDREW fella was in fact just the watch distributor or in fact the watch maker

    The movement in my opinion looks a lot like a Waltham or an Elgin.

    But I am no expert so that is why I am in here in the hope that some of you out there who have significant experience with American pocket watches might be able to point me in the right direction.

    There is no major or indicative markings on the case itself.

    Just a serial number.

    So basicly I know next to nothing about this watch.

    Apart from the name stated and that it is American of course.

    I can't tell either if it is gold or just gold plated as there are no markings or hallmarks! :/

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Please find photo's attached.

    Many thank's


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    Hope it works out. You defiantly don't want it to be money for nothing ;)
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    Re: In dire straits ! :'(

    If there is no marking on the case and it appears gold, its either imitation gold or gold filled.

    The links don't open for me :( have you checked the interior of the caseback for any markings?

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    Re: In dire straits ! :'(

    I can't see the pictures either.

    But this ebay listing eBay | montre à gousset américaine en plaqué or looks more like Port Chester to me and google leads me to a listing from 1895 which would suggest he was a jeweller. (Actually, chester means fort, so Fort Chester would mean Fort Fort ).

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    Re: In dire straits ! :'(

    Thanks fellas, some interesting answers there from which I can investigate further.

    I appreciate your help :)

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