Diver watch identification help
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Thread: Diver watch identification help

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    Diver watch identification help

    Yes, it's another atrocious photo of what appears to be a vintage diver. At least the bezel suggests it's a diver. It looks like it has a black NATO leather strap. Please chime in with your best guesses. Thanks, chaps.
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    Re: Diver watch identification help

    I have an idea. Let's play the game where you post good photos.
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    Re: Diver watch identification help

    I hear you Dan. It's a photo of a photo. I don't have access to the watch to take a better one. I will ask for a better photo. Sorry!

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    Re: Diver watch identification help

    Unfortunately the fact that it is a diver is about the only thing we can tell without at least a half decent photo of the dial and a brand.
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    Re: Diver watch identification help

    Please don't buy it based on that photo, I have a feeling you might be disappointed.

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