Does anyone have a Movado Like this
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Thread: Does anyone have a Movado Like this

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    Does anyone have a Movado Like this

    I have this movado that i am trying to fix, does anyone have a movado like this, would you have a model name,
    i have the model number 88-49-830-v91 but not the name and havent find any info on the net for it.
    The watch is from around 1983-1987. according to the original owner bought as gift in Europe. for a graduation present.

    update: found a fellow watch lovers post in worpress

    now i know movement (flat II 7.75 size , 956.042) Steel and gold case and bracelet, round case womens medium size.

    have to find yet the exact year of manufacture.
    Name:  imagmovado es.jpg
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Size:  4.1 KBName:  immovado 88-49-830-v91ages.jpg
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Size:  2.5 KB will take image of the actual watch later its at home.
    Thank you
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    Re: Does anyone have a Movado Like this

    Wow send a query to movado this mornig and got a reply in less than an hour here is what they said about the watch.

    Good Afternoon,

    This is a Movado Moderate Piece. The model number is 0601322 and the last known retail value is $1250.00

    You are welcome to send in the watch to us If you would like to do this you can begin the process by logging on There you will be able to create an account and initiate a repair prior to sending the watch in. We recommend sending it registered and insured with a tracking number in a disposable and secure package. We would not be able to determine the charge until we can evaluate the watch, but we offer a free estimate. If the watch is under the 2 year warranty, please also include either your warranty card signed and dated on the back or a copy of your sales receipt.

    You can mail it to:

    109 State Street
    Moonachie, NJ 07074

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    Re: Does anyone have a Movado Like this

    Sounds like it worked out for you already. It is usually best to send the watch to the original manufacturer; at the same time, it's often also the most expensive. Depending on the extra quality and the extra cost, the trade off might be worth it or not. Let us know how things develop please - it's always better to gain extra knowledge in this department.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Does anyone have a Movado Like this

    I believe I have the exact same watch. I got this in a thrift store bag of watches for virtually no cost. My problem is I cannot get the snap off back to come off. Trying not to damage. But in any case unless your watch has great sentimental value, I doubt that either of us is going to anywhere near 1200 dollars for these. I think we would be lucky to get $100 based on eBay completed sales. Only saying this so you factor in cost of repair in relation to realistic value.
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    Re: Does anyone have a Movado Like this

    Yes thats the one, ok update. since i could not fix it my self and the cost of send it to movado is prohibited, i am in colombia. they do have offcies here but they will also send it to movado in either the usa or suizertland plus the cost of parts and man hours no way. ( there is one similar in ebay being sold at 200) this watches were made in a small quantity thats waghat movado guy told me.

    Anyway i gave it to one of local horologists, i have 5-6 guys wich specialize in diferent types oand age of watches. he fixed it my cost was 120,000 pesos thats about 40 dollars. the sentimental value and happy face on my wifes face covered the expense.

    i have several cornavion watches 2 original swiss and 3 russian made. one of my guys who is 80 yeras old still rides a bike fixed for me in a couple of days. even found the originalparts somewhere dont know where they have their secret stashes of parts around the old watch part seller of 50 or so years ago.

    if you need parts for old vintage or waever watch from yerterday-years drop me a line a might find then trough this guys . next week will be vsiiting a lady of about 70 years of age who supodseddly have a copule of very large chest full of parts and accesories from the 50 to the 90s.


    ps as soon as my collectionof watches is in order , i will display it in this forum. my oldest watch is a la perla pocket watch from around 1870-1890 wicj is being serviced right now.
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    Re: Does anyone have a Movado Like this

    try with a very fine swiis army thingy, i opned with one of those just be carful, you can also heta with a hair dryer the case from the face side and sides not to hot so that it expands and releases the hold on the back. of put and ice cube inside a bag on the back cover so that it contracts a bit and it would be easier. does your work. the movement is 29.99 in eslinger ist being replaced by eta movement 956-112 have to check wich one you have long life, short canon or long canon.
    this are no date 2 hand type see them at esligers and at Star Time Supply- Your Watch Batteries, Movements, Tools, and Parts Supply House!

    good luck kjeep meposted
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