Does anyone recognize this vintage 1950s Omega?

Thread: Does anyone recognize this vintage 1950s Omega?

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    Does anyone recognize this vintage 1950s Omega?

    Hi everyone,

    I bought this Omega watch for 325 euro (380 USD) at an online auction over here in France. I'm new to vintage watches so I was hoping if someone could tell me which model this is (and maybe the value?). Information I have so far:

    -gold plated
    -ca. 1955
    -crown 34 mm

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    Re: Does anyone recognize this vintage 1950s Omega?

    Hi to me I’d say it was a bumper it looks like my friends and that’s all I’m going off so I could be miles out. There’s people here though that’ll tell you in seconds. Nice watch pal

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    Re: Does anyone recognize this vintage 1950s Omega?

    Generally one needs the reference number to identify a particular Omega model. This is often stamped/engraved inside the case-back. Please post photos of the inside showing all numbers and other information clearly. It would also be helpful to have high magnification in-focus photos of the movement, showing the serial number and any other identifying numbers (e.g. the caliber number of the movement).
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    Re: Does anyone recognize this vintage 1950s Omega?

    I don't see any "Swiss" or "Swiss made" mention at the bottom of the dial. So at best it's a redial. At worse it's a fake. We would need you to open the back and take pictures of the movement and inside of case back.


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    Re: Does anyone recognize this vintage 1950s Omega?

    I have a 50's bumpy - dail is trash but I still love it.

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    Cheers, Edward.

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    Re: Does anyone recognize this vintage 1950s Omega?

    50's maybe a 351 bumper caliber. Crown is junk and needs to be replaced. Dial could be original, but hard to tell with images.

    Reference number on inside caseback will tell what the dials designs are in a Google search


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