Does this Longines look right?

Thread: Does this Longines look right?

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    Does this Longines look right?

    Hi friends,

    I'm interested in buying a Conquest from the '70s I've found. It would be my first preowned watch. I've been looking for other info and images on this, but haven't found too many with this case. Do the dial and hands look correct to you? There are no images of the movement. Sorry for the image size. I'm having trouble resizing the last one.

    Thank you! Hope you're all having a great holiday season.
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    Re: Does this Longines look right?


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    Re: Does this Longines look right?

    Before you buy it, I would ask for a movement picture, otherwise you never know.
    There are some experts here that will be able to help you more, hang in there, they will be around.
    One other thing I would like to say, and this is only from personal experience, that type of bracelet to lug setup is a real pain if something happens. You would have to find an original bracelet for it or pay for a custom strap. Had a couple of them types and sold them pretty quickly once I realized that. Ah, the old days :)
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