Does these Seiko's looks OK?

Thread: Does these Seiko's looks OK?

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    Re: Does these Seiko's looks OK?

    Well, although I think it is unlikely someone would fake a Seiko 5, I'm sure it's been done. These look original and good. They are also, at 25 quid, at the maximum of what they are worth, IMO. They will probably need a service, so I always keep that in mind. I like the look of them, though. Seiko had some nice case and dial designs.

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    Re: Does these Seiko's looks OK?

    Here's a good article on the 6309 style (what your first link is based on, although I think someone swapped the dial/hands from the original):

    Can't find anything on the case reference of the second one, but the pitting on the rotor seems at odds with the shiny case and pristine dial. Even the first one, I see staining around the edge of the movement that worries me.
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