The dollar watch dressed up.

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    The dollar watch dressed up.

    Here is a strange example of a fancy Ingraham of 1938 or so. Pink with big glass diamonds all around the gold dial. I cannot imagine who might buy this exotic timepiece. It probably cost a few cents more than the dollar for the basic plain one.

    My experience with these things 70 years or so past was that if nothing was broken or missing a balky runner could be cured for awhile by dipping in our Aladdin lamp kerosene oil.

    Forum member Somewhere writes about a proper procedure: "take out the movement, tie string to it and dip into kerosene, scrub with feather. When as clean as you can get it, whirl it around your head to dry."

    Too complicated for me. However this refined procedure likely allowed for a little longer running and less oil in the overalls. The basic versions of these things sold by the millions because 5 or 10 min./day inaccuracy was tolerable. But a pink, gold and diamond one I bet was ignored mostly.
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    Re: The dollar watch dressed up.

    Loks like a watch for a favorite daughter. Nice pretty present for the time I would guess. Your collection is amazing artb, always something new!

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