DOXA impermeable from 1933

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    DOXA impermeable from 1933

    who knows something about this watch buyd in Berlin in 1933-34.
    It is with TELEMETRE, IMPERMEABLE, SHOCKRESIST, ANTIMAGNETIQUE. The serial number is: 4454344.
    Thanks for your informations.
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    Re: DOXA impermeable from 1933

    Hi -


    Not sure about this one.

    This shows that the face may be from that era, but the pushers on the two watches shown with that face are different. The 7121 model has lozenge pushers, while the model labelled 7153 has inverse pushers from what your watch shows, i.e. the part that you push telescopes into the collar of the pusher, rather than over it.

    The case looks to be in excellent shape, and from what I can see the crown is correct as well: here the crown diameter is larger than the case, allowing for very easy winding.

    Shugart shows one as well, with the lozenge pushers, i.e. unlike yours, but dates it from 1942 rather than early. The link above also shows a catologue page from 1939. But it's certainly possible that yours is from the time period in question: Doxa was certainly around.

    For more on Doxa company history, click here.

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