DuBois Vintage Watch authentic ?

Thread: DuBois Vintage Watch authentic ?

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    DuBois Vintage Watch authentic ?

    Hello guys, i want to buy one DuBois watch but i'm not sure that is authentic (i don't have information about this brand).
    The watch have movement Unitas 6565, the DuBois use this movement or not ?


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    Re: DuBois Vintage Watch authentic ?

    I would have no reason to doubt the authenticity: DuBois did not (at that time) use their own movements and Unitas were a decent but not terribly special make so there is no point in merging these two together post hoc.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: DuBois Vintage Watch authentic ?

    Dubois is a very old Swiss company they say the oldest and they did make a range marked 1785 and that one certainly looks Ok no reason to think it is a replica of any kind i own an older Dubois Freres then there was Dubois & Fils SA, now they have started to market a new range (not cheap) as Dubois etfils. I have been told the name is pronounced - dup-wa

    My older one no idea of the movement it as a top loader case
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    Interesting link
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