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    Re: E. Droz pocket watch?

    There was a EMIL, Droz - Colombier, Switzerland that specialized in producing cheap watches for the American market, made to look like US watches.
    The same company produced watches marked as Harlem Watch Company and were imported to New York by Bayer, Pretzfelder and Mills, New York in the 1920's

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    Re: E. Droz pocket watch?

    Ed. C. Hall is listed in Ehrhardt's 'Beginning to End' book as 'Swiss imitation American', or more commonly known as 'Swiss fake'. If you do a search (here or on the NAWCC forum) you will find other examples, some Droz signed watches also bearing the H.W.C. signature. These have long been established as being in the 'Swiss fake' category. I also managed to find another E. Droz/HWC signed watch (or rather the bridge only, it had been made into a horrible steampunk piece of jewelry) bearing the same serial number as the one pictured here, 975394. That is another trademark of some Swiss fakes. Now for the Switzerland marking; previous to 1871 the 'Swiss fake' was a more appropriate label, as none of those had any indication of actually being made in Switzerland. They simply were made to look like higher quality American watches, even with American sounding names. But always with inferior quality. After 1871 US Congress passed a law stating all imported watches had to be marked with country of origin. Some Swiss fake manufacturers tried to get around this by making the Swiss marking as small as possible. There were also similar low quality watches being made in USA, with fake glass jewels, pretending to be of a high standard. By around 1900 the big US quality manufacturers produced huge numbers of low cost but still good quality 7 jewel watches, and together with the emerging dollar watch manufacturers with watches not pretending to be anything more than they were, soon reduced the market segment for 'fakes'.
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    Re: E. Droz pocket watch?

    To all that have aided in my query here...many thanks.
    I love a mystery and not at all upset that this Swiss movements is considered one in the fake category. It is still a cool movement and that is really what it is all about for myself, something different and a little odd. The fact that it is still running after all these years is a testament to all watch makers, those skilled and those trying to make a fast buck. It just gives me another odd-duck watch to show around.
    I truly appreciate the efforts taken by members here, to dig through books and reply with some information. That is 3/4ths the fun in reality, digging up the history. If I want a time keeper I look at my pc so an old movement ticking along a few minutes fast or slow wakes no mind to me. I am fascinated by vintage time pieces, all of them and from any origin. Honestly, this old things looks pretty cool in the old showcase, well worth the 40 bucks I paid for it. I now have two of these early swiss fakes or not fake(but lower quality), I am thinking I might try to add a few more just because I appreciate the history. It isn't about the value or what it may be worth, it is just plain old fun and an enjoyable hobby.
    Again, my many thanks.
    Kind regards,

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