Ebay buying experience 100% last 6 months

Thread: Ebay buying experience 100% last 6 months

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    Ebay buying experience 100% last 6 months

    Have done no selling. Heard it is less satisfactory lately. In last 1/2 year have bought only old Gruen and Columbus p.w. Columbus is easy with so few models, but Gruen had a bunch of basic timekeeper variations. So total scince June is 20+. 100% satisfactory in all ways. Generally find items better than expected because description and photo quality imperfect. Columbus and Gruen antiques not great demand. Prices low generally. Photo example of movement priced Gruen Semithin, normally cheap item new or as antique, except for it being the Louis 14th best version. Certainly not assured by photo, so no bidders for this one. Confirmed as o.k. by emailing. The D. Gruen shown was presented at its gold scrap value for reserve. Photos far out of focus. No movnt. info. So I communicated agreeably with antique seller it was priced too low and it could have one of 5 better valued movements. So it was removed from ebay listing. We found it was the cheaper Ultra-thin. I recommended a higher price to start because of condition and that with good photos the probable high bid expected. However, preferred quick sale to me for very little over scrap.
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    Re: Ebay buying experience 100% last 6 months

    Good to hear you're having a positive experience. I wholeheartedly agree that the quality of the photography is directly related to how much it will sell for. Your example is a fantastic one!
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    Re: Ebay buying experience 100% last 6 months

    Great stuff Art, you've had some cracking bargains...gotta love the poor pix some
    sellers use. Poor pics have allowed me the odd pleasant surprise too and it's great
    when a watch exceeds your expectations.

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