ebel wrist watch indent help!

Thread: ebel wrist watch indent help!

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    ebel wrist watch indent help!

    Name:  0524130434.jpg
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Size:  653.4 KB im trying to figure out 1. if this watch is authentic or a replica. 2.when it was made and any other helpful info anyone may be able to provide.. hopefully these pics are good enough..the only things that i can see writin inside are the words "24 jewels swiss" and in the 3rd pic the number 213 inside a rectangular box..also on the outside of the back of the watch are the numbers 9213957 and 28 beneeth that.. i see no other markings..the face says EBEL automatic, 24 jewels and swiss...any info is appreciated! tnx

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    Re: ebel wrist watch indent help!

    Hi there and welcome.

    It looks to have an Ebel 213 movement. See bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Ebel 213

    I don't know much about Ebel - there don't seem to be many vintage examples about - but it doesn't look suspicious to me. Others may know more of course.
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    Re: ebel wrist watch indent help!

    About all I know of Ebel is that the company was founded in 1911 and the name is short for Eugene Blum et Levy (when Mr. Blum married a Miss Levy). Plus very little more, including that they were for a short period part of LVMH in recent years.

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