Elgin 16s disassembly and post mortem...

Thread: Elgin 16s disassembly and post mortem...

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    Elgin 16s disassembly and post mortem...

    The other night I disassembled my 1909 Elgin pocket watch (16s, grade 290, class 109). It belonged to my mother's father or grandfather (I forget) and hasn't run since I can remember. This is the first watch I took down to bare components.

    I have to thank CARPATH for his great thread and pictures: https://forums.watchuseek.com/showthread.php?t=363083

    Truth be told, I started the job without having seen his thread and so I did things a bit out-of-order. But, having taken it apart, I now know what not to do! Here is what I found:

    1) loose entry pallet stone.
    2) balance staff tip broken.
    3) upper balance jewel (hole) broken.

    I am currently Ebay-ing for replacement movements (broken and semi-running) to try to gather the components I need to fix it. I was also told about http://ptpwp.com/ ... they seem to have what I need but are rather expensive.

    So, without further ado, here are the pics (not necessarily in order):
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    Re: Elgin 16s disassembly and post mortem...

    Thanks for the very good post, you are doing well with your grade 290! Please post a picture of the complete watch before you started at the ongoing 7 jewel thread.
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