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    elgin 761 repair

    hello all! I've recently acquired my first American automatic, the Elgin 761. It runs quite nicely however the spring that prevents it from changing the time when the stem is in the wind setting has broken off. It is part 18 in the illustration. Overall I am very pleased with it, I am quite fond of the "American Made" bit under the 6 on the dial. finding parts is rather difficult with this caliber so I thought I would ask if anyone has one of these in their junk bin I can scavenge a setting lever spring from?
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    Re: elgin 761 repair

    here are a few pics of my teardown, this is also my first watch with a free sprung balance. I think it's really quite neat.

    wrist shot:
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    automatic winding train:
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    going train:
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    The rotor post was a bit loose and it took me a while to figure out how to secure it as it is merely pressed onto the center bridge plate. I eventually settled on soldering it, with a bit of flux and a carefully applied soldering iron, it seems to have worked quite nicely.
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