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    Elgin case, Buren movement

    Hi all,

    I wonder if you could shed a bit of light on the following watch, I was removing an old built in wardrobe and found this between the floorboards and the wall, the previous owner must have dropped it and would have had to remove all the built in furniture to get to it. Amazingly after winding it, it works fine.

    My google-fu so far has indicated very little outside of the Elgin case and Buren movement, and the fascia has no writing.

    Annoyingly I can see the case serial number fine, including some jewellers service markings(?) but cannot see any Buren serial numbers on the movement, do they have them? Where could I look?

    Incidentally the jewel count is 15, it's not that clear on the photo.


    Apologies if the pictures are on the large side.
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    Re: Elgin case, Buren movement

    What a great story! Indeed, it looks to be a Buren movement (I'm not sure of the caliber, but someone here will know) inside a plated case from the Illinois Watch Case Company, which was in Elgin, Illinois.
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    Re: Elgin case, Buren movement

    It's not an Elgin case. It's a 20-year gold filled case made by the Illinois Watch Case Co. of Elgin, Illinois, which had no connection to either the Elgin or Illinois Watch Companies, apart from supplying cases.
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