Elgin pocket watch experts? Need help.

Thread: Elgin pocket watch experts? Need help.

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    Elgin pocket watch experts? Need help.

    Hi all I ahve had this watch for about 10 year and I wanted to find some info about it but im having a hard time. the watch has NO number or letters what so ever on it. I would like to know what it might be worth and the age of it. I'm thinkng about selling some of my things to fund my wedding and engagement ring. any help would be great.

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    Re: Elgin pocket watch experts? Need help.

    Hi -

    Welcome to the forum, hope we can help you out.

    First of all, please read the sticky at the top of this forum about watch valuations. We simply don't do them, as there is absolutely no way for us to give you even a ballpark figure without having the watch in our hands and checking it out, and none of us are professional appraisers. Sorry, but it wouldn't be fair to you.

    It's an Elgin probably from the post WW1 era, most likely mid-1920s. You won't find any markings on the outside of the case, but rather on the inside. The case back screws off, but don't force it if it doesn't! If you are not comfortable about opening the back, take it to a qualified, professional watchmaker who can do that for you and get you the serial number. Once you have that, you can go here to find out more.

    Elgin watches were among some of the finest watches ever made. However, unless it is one of the very highest grade movements, it will not command a high price, as Elgin made literally millions of pocket watches and the demand is much smaller now. As with any collectible item, prices are determined by the buyer and what the market will bear. If you really need a price, search eBay for similar watches to see what others have been willing to pay.

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