Elgin Stopwatch
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Thread: Elgin Stopwatch

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    Elgin Stopwatch

    Just sharing this recent thrift find because I thought it interesting. An Elgin stopwatch from 1945. 15 jewels. Mechanism called "jitterbug" according to database. Appropriately named because once wound the mechanism keeps running even after stopping the timing. Maybe there is something not working properly but the timing seems to be working and resets perfectly to zero. Anyway dial in great shape and it's kinda cool.
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    Re: Elgin Stopwatch

    Giotime...Hello. Nice Elgin. Your's is 100% correct @ running: once wound-up, the watch runs until unwound. The dial is really nice. And: a number of these show up with gold-flashed movements. And: you'll need a replacement case screw...easy fix...quick job to blue a steel item. Michael.
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    Re: Elgin Stopwatch

    Bobby - My original music! Check me out! Thanks!

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    Re: Elgin Stopwatch

    That would be an Elgin 582 Timer, aka 'Jitterbug'. Runs at 30 bps, if I recall correctly. It isn't really a stopwatch in the classic sense of a watch where the escapement only runs when timing. It runs the whole time it's wound. The way the hands work is exactly like the chronograph works in a column wheel chronograph - pressing the crown connects the time works with the center second hand, and with a minute register - in this case a 10 second register; pressing again disconnects them and stops the hands (leaving the time works running) and pressing again resets the hands.

    I wrote a whole blog post on this a few years back.
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    Re: Elgin Stopwatch

    Thank you Gene for that link to your blog. Wonderful to have that information. A couple of things. My jitterbug movement is not gilt. The case also is base metal and I would assume nickel. If this piece is from 1945, perhaps they started using nickel again since it was post war. Also it was your blog a few years ago about the 760-761 Elgin autos that got me to buy one of those.

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