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    EMKOZA pocket watch?


    I recently acquired this little EMKOZA watch and would love to get some more information on it. I could not find much about this brand: EMKOZA should stand for M. Koster and Sons Amsterdam, but that's pretty much it. Seems to me like a nurses watch: there is a red cross on it of course, and the dial is upside-down.

    The (plexi)glass was scratched badly but i managed to polish it pretty well. The case and dial seem in good shape. The dial has a nice sunburst which was hard to capture on the pictures.
    It keeps surprisingly good time and the movement seems to be in a decent state.

    I you know anything about the brand / movement or something else please let me know!

    gr, HJR

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    Re: EMKOZA pocket watch?

    You are quite correct - it is a modern lapel watch, intended to be worn upside down from the lapel (so you can see it the correct way up when you lift it from the lapel). It is from the late 1960s or later and has a french Lorsa movement, something like the Cal P75:

    bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: Lorsa P75

    Hartmut Richter

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