"Empire",a Seikosha pocket watch?

Thread: "Empire",a Seikosha pocket watch?

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    "Empire",a Seikosha pocket watch?


    This is a parts watch, the balance is missing, but I saw this same brand watch before on a Chinese site. The owner said it was a Japanese WW II watch. I think the movement looks like one of Seikosha's early one. All other parts are fine, and this watch could be working with a new balance.

    Do you have any information about this watch? Is it worth restoring?


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    Re: "Empire",a Seikosha pocket watch?

    I really don't know that much about the early Japanese products, but I suspect that it would cost more than the watch is worth to fix it. Only worth restoring if it's a family heirloom or you don't care about the economics.

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