ENICAR - Help with identification and verification
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Thread: ENICAR - Help with identification and verification

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    ENICAR - Help with identification and verification

    Hi fellow watchgeeks :)

    Can someone help me identify and share some thoughts on this Enicar chronograph?


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    Re: ENICAR - Help with identification and verification

    Neat little chronograph from the early 1970s (or perhaps rather late 1960s) with a Valjoux Cal. 726 (or Cal. 72 if still running at 18000 A/h). One Enicar-typical feature was the arrangement of the lume dots that is also seen here: inside the markers except at 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00 so the whole arrangement looks like a diamond shape.

    Hartmut Richter
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    Re: ENICAR - Help with identification and verification

    My understanding is that we are looking at model 2303 - The Garnix - a silly name someone has hyped up to give it more credibility.
    Often described as Pre Sherpa to make it sound more exclusive, it actually ran alongside the the fabled Sherpa Graph.
    The Sherpa Graph of the 1960's was an expensive watch and apparently not available to the Asian market at the time.
    Enicar did market a similar but more affordable chronograph for less affluent markets.
    This model 2303 was similar to the Sherpa Graph except for
    1. 37mm rather than 40mm
    2. Non EPSA Super Compressor case.
    3. No 'Sherpa' markings. Sherpa was generally reserved for top of the range Enicar's
    Judging by the hands the example shown would date to circa 1968 /1969

    Saying that, they are very nice quality watches powered, as already stated, by an excellent Valjoux 72 movement.
    Currently valued at approx. 35 % of a good Sherpa Graph.
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