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    Enicar Sherpa Service in Sydney

    Hi All,

    Happy New Year!

    Can anyone recommend a watchmaker in Sydney who has experience in servicing Enicars?

    Hope to hear from all


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    Re: Enicar Sherpa Service in Sydney

    I have had very good service (on a vintage Omega) from Carl at Masterwatchmaking in Pitt St. I don't know about Enicar but he is very experienced in lots of other watches and very approachable. It might be worth giving him a call anyway.

    Cheers, Jonathan.

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    Re: Enicar Sherpa Service in Sydney

    Bear in mind that Enicar made their own movements. If parts are necessary, you may have to search for a junker, but fortunately there are a fair number of them out there. The whole Sherpa series are among the nicest watches that Enicar ever made.

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