Enicar Sherpa Super Divette Watch Info./Value?
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Thread: Enicar Sherpa Super Divette Watch Info./Value?

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    Enicar Sherpa Super Divette Watch Info./Value?

    I received this watch along with a stamp and coin collection from my dad. I found it in an old cigar box with his miscellaneous loose coins. When researching I can't seem to match it exactly as it doesn't have the outer divers ring? I asked my dad if he had ever had it altered and he said he said no. He's pretty confident that he bought it new but couldn't remember if it was the late 60's or 70's? Any information would be great and I'm also looking for the proper way and place to sell it (e.g. not sure if it's more valuable if I have it serviced or leave it as original, and not sure the best place to post for selling?). Also, If I tap the face, the second hand starts ticking again for a little while.

    Thank you for listening!!

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    Re: Enicar Sherpa Super Divette Watch Info./Value?

    Nice watch! I can't help ya there. Coins are great to collect!
    "A watch is ruined, not by time, but by bad handling. To run well it should be wound regularly, cleaned yearly, and, if injured, taken to a competent, practical man. A ​Waltham watch properly cared for will last a lifetime." -American Waltham Watch Co. Catalog (c) 1900
    “When your watch gets out of order you have a choice of two things to do: throw it in the fire or take it to the watch-tinker. The former is the quickest.” -Mark Twain

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    Re: Enicar Sherpa Super Divette Watch Info./Value?

    You should take the watch to a watchmaker ( not a battery changer ).
    It's an Enicar Super Divette and should measure approx. 36mm without the crown. The case is
    known as a Super Compressor and made by EPSA. It dates to the mid 1960's and quite sort after.
    We don't give valuations, so visit ebay , look up Enicar Super Divette recently sold. That will give a rough valuation , but yours looks
    a trifle rough from the picture.
    The watch is automatic, so wind it with the lower crown about 35 times and keep it on your wrist and then
    see if it keeps time. Either way you should get it serviced asap. The top crown moves the internal bezel. If it doesn't ----- bad news.
    This model does not have an external bezel. Although originally it was a divers watch , don't let it near water in it's current state.
    Hope that helps a bit

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    Re: Enicar Sherpa Super Divette Watch Info./Value?

    Yep. That's basically a parts watch.

    The key is the internal bezel and it's a big part of the watch's attraction to buyers.

    Servicing is probably not going to get you much of a return on investment anyway. Even with a receipt, most buyers assume they will be paying for a service.

    Also, if that internal bezel doesn't turn easily, don't force it! If it is stuck, then it's most likely broken. Figure $50 to $75 for a new gear -- if -- you can find one.

    If you have a watchmaker open it, be sure they know that an Enicar Super Compressor case has a bayonet back and not a screw back. Turn the caseback so the 0 lines up between the crowns.

    The band can increase the value too -- if you had a beads of rice enicar band original to the watch. The flex band does nothing for it.

    Sorry, but I'd suggest selling it on the sales forum, where someone like me might look at it for the parts, though the hands are not what I need.

    Lest you think this post is a bit self-serving, I own one already. Have a close look at Enicar Sherpa Guides, Jets, and Super Divettes that have sold on eBay and do note the inner bezel quality and band along with the corresponding sales prices.
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    Re: Enicar Sherpa Super Divette Watch Info./Value?

    yup. definitely missing its internal rotating bezel. These watches do sell for a good bit as parts watches but since its your dads-you may not want to part with it. Sourcing a bezel will be like pissing out a grapefruit. They come up rarely and sell for LOTS. If it runs I would consider getting it serviced and wearing as it is. Still a pretty cool watch and it was your Dads -afterall. good luck.
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