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    ETA 65-4 Brand: Tarbin

    I found a vintage wristwatch at my late fathers house after he past away. Possible from 1950-1960. I have identified the movement ETA 65-4, automatic and it says 41 jewels?!
    I cant find any referens to the watch brand Tarbin or a movement ETA 65-4 with 41 jewels.
    Hope i can repeare it. I idenfied that the 2:nd wheel is broken.

    Do anyone know anything about this watch.

    Best wishes
    Patrik Quick

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    Re: ETA 65-4 Brand: Tarbin

    Hi Patrik,

    it's no ETA movement, unfortunately not even a movement at all. It is the relict of a butchered FHF 65-4:
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements.

    This movement is strange, rare, and therefore rather collectible. Accordingly you'll not find the missing automatic parts with acceptable effort.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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