Ever heard of Nila?

Thread: Ever heard of Nila?

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    Ever heard of Nila?

    Hello all,

    Visited the folks this weekend and my mom asked if I could find a good watch repair shop to repair the warch she gave to my dad for their wedding. Its a "Nila" from Germany that was bought in the early sixties. I thought I'd see if there was a specialist around for this timepiece but I have not been able to find any reference to the brand at all. Does anyone know of a informational site or reference for this brand?

    thanks very much in advance.

    paul in portland, or.
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    Re: Ever heard of Nila?

    Sorry I personally have not heard of Nila. Perhaps some of our Euro-experts may know more.
    There are literally hundreds of these brands that disappeared when the quartz revolution occurred in the watch business. Many of them featured rather generic Swiss or German movements as the case may be.
    Most can be serviced by a competent watch maker though so I suggest you look in our Links and Articles subsection to find a watchmaker in your area.

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    Re: Ever heard of Nila?

    Nila was a brand of A.Nirschl - I think of Pforzheim. They made watches during WW2 for the German armed forces.

    Other brands were Niam, Niapex, Spika

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    Re: Ever heard of Nila?

    One of my "grey cells" tell me they were sold in Sweden in the 60ies. Not 100% sure.

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