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    F.G.Jacot Pocket Watch

    I recently acquired a F.G.Jacot pocket watch at estate sale, I have found very little about this watch. I do know that it is swiss made, is 14kt gold (two seperate jewlers confirmed this) it was made in 1875 is key wound and key set. and in great condition. The # 81186 appears three times on the watch and there are 3 seperate small series of numbers hand etched in the back cover casing bearly visable they are 774A JH, E538, and 6733y or g.
    The case is etched and is gold and enamel. The watch is 1-1/2" in diameter weighs 1.7 ounces. Any information about the maker and value would be a big help
    please check photo's.
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    Re: F.G.Jacot Pocket Watch

    I do not know the maker, but here is another F.G. Jacot:
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