Is it a Fake?
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Thread: Is it a Fake?

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    Is it a Fake?

    Got this watch a few days back,wondering if it is a re-painted dial?The movement looks real but not sure..would love your expert comments on it..And if it is a repainted dial,is it worth keeping because of the nice .253 movement?Very thanks in advance.
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    Re: Is it a Fake?

    Looks genuine, but probably has been re-dialed, that colour of denim blue seems popular with the re-painters. Saying that it is a reasonable job, making it a smart looking watch. Refinishing of the dial is often frowned upon, however it is more critical with high end brands where 100% originally is linked to value. However I do not think it is as important further down the food chain, where possible most of us prefer originally, but a crisp and accurately refinished dial is preferable to a rusty, damaged and illegible one on lower value watches IMO.

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    Re: Is it a Fake?

    Movement original, cal. 251. However, correct centering on the dial should really be no problem, even with a children's stamping set. That inclues Twin Power and the indices. Whatever, at least this Mumbai-production does not have an HMT movement inside, that's one of the better versions.

    Favre-Leuba has a long tradition in India and was an early object of prestige, but this tinkering around with their watches (and other brands), thereby spoiling their reputation on the vintage collector's markets with so many Bombay-specials, is really a sad thing.

    Unfortunately, people got used to the look of these watches by the vast amount of trash floating around with Favre-Leuba on the dial. The level has meanwhile sunken so low, that a Bombay-special is compared to other Bombay specials to confirm it's correctness (I saw man other dials looking the same way'). So, it's a good thing to occasionally look at a completely genuine Favre-Leuba watch (mustn't be in that perfect condition) to have the real picture in mind before bidding anywhere.
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    Re: Is it a Fake?

    Definite redial.

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    Re: Is it a Fake?

    I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it.
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    Re: Is it a Fake?

    The fun thing with these older fakes is that they can be worth the money (the movement) as prices have gone down because most fakes sold today are all fake.

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