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    Family Heirloom - 18K Dennison Watch Case Co. - Swiss Made

    Hi All,

    My mother gave me my great grandfathers pocket watch today and I wanted to see if anyone could give me more information on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've listed as much information as I can gather from the watch below and have attached a few pictures, let me know if anything else would be helpful:

    -The cover to the movement piece of the watch is inscribed with Dennison Watch Case Co. ALD, 18 (im assuming its 18K gold)
    -Serial #38029
    -Back cover has 4 symbols, top appears to be a crown, right appears to be an "M", bottom is 18, and left is an anchor. There are also very small and light hand engraved numbers that appear in 2 rows. Top row: 4075-10896-16406-2918. Bottom row: 5-5351-0-2032-15975. There is also a very fine hand engraved date and I believe its 5/3/82.
    -Movement is labeled "Moeris." Swiss Made, 15 Jewel, adjusted. Near the spring are the letter FS AR.
    -Front cover is marked with ALD again and what appears to be a crown with the number 18
    -There is a coin attached to the end of the chain, which may have been added. It appears to be a british coin and it is dated 1891
    -Front is engraved with my

    Best part is that I wound it and it immediately started ticking - second hand and everything is working fine, just needs a good cleaning.

    Thanks in advance everyone.


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    Re: Family Heirloom - 18K Dennison Watch Case Co. - Swiss Made

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