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    Fanex Watch

    Another obscure brand for google to struggle with :

    Now, what's interesting is that the AS1158 (or thereabouts) movement is marked "FRANCE FANEX SWISS". I can't find anything about the brand 'Fanex Watch' - just a few old google results for dead sales listings. But there is a jewellery company called Fanex going since 1941. Which means it started up during the occupation.

    Fanex France Sarl

    Anyway, its working fine.

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    Re: Fanex

    This is the place for obscure brands -someone here will sooner or later know something about it. That's what makes this forum one of the best, maybe the best general vintages forum.
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    Re: Fanex

    Well, it's another small brand using generic movements. This one is an Adolf Schild Cal. AS 1158 or derivative:

    bidfun-db AS_1158: AS 1158

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