Favre trench watch & 1940's Olma

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    Favre trench watch & 1940's Olma

    I just recieved these two watches.

    I was after something cheap to work on for a project and to learn. I am a complete ammature and know my chances of success is close to zero.
    Although i am lucky as i live in a small town, and have made a freindly relationship with a really well respected watch maker guy. So i have a bit of help.

    So i found these two watches from the same seller on ebay, they looked fairly complete, good dials, clean movements etc...and they appealed to me.

    The photos where poor (mine are not much better)
    The Olma was in working condition, so i thought it would be good as a pull down, oil and rebuild.

    The Favre was said to be in non working order, hands stuffed, but a good main spring.

    Now i have them and they are better than i was expecting, so now im not sure i want to (possibly) destroy them.

    The Favre is winding and ticking nicely, but wont set time, the crown seems to want to come all the way out. It also has a silver case with a nice inscrption. Some research on the name leads me to a family with some rich history in Doylestown US. I would like to further research this and try and make contact with a relative. Might turn out to be worthwhile getting it properly restored.

    It has what i think is a really good movement, 15j, 3 adjustment, and a great case.

    I would love to hear some of you guys thoughts and knowledge n these watches.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Favre trench watch & 1940's Olma

    You will not destroy them if You do everything very slowly and will read on the disassembly before doing anything at all
    Olma would be a better choice for a start
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    Re: Favre trench watch & 1940's Olma

    First of all, i want to say thanks to the members of this forum. I have only been interested in watches for around six months, and i have gained much knowledge already.

    I had a "false" preconceived impression that watch collectors may be snobs and snicker at the watches i share in my price range, but i was wrong.

    I have done some tinkering with the above trench watch. I found and replaced the hands, gave the dial a very gentle clean, attached a new old strap, and fixed the time setting (tightened the crown screw a little) so now it sets and the crown doesn't pull all the way out.

    The darker round spot on the dial must be a reflection in the photo.

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    Re: Favre trench watch & 1940's Olma

    Going by the shape of the balance cock (from what little I can see), I'd say that the Olma has a pimped version of this common Adolf Schild movement:

    bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: AS 984

    If so, if something goes wrong, it should be easier to get parts, if necessary from a donor movement.

    Hartmut Richter
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    Re: Favre trench watch & 1940's Olma

    The Olma looks to be a front loader and a really nice 1940's watch.

    Only collectors are snobs.

    I prefer cheaper watches as one can buy a lot of cheap donor watches and parts and then you can just swap out any bad part for coffee money and no big deal if you break something.
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