A few old pocket watches

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    A few old pocket watches

    I recently was given a few old pocket watches. I am having trouble finding some info on these models. I would appreciate any input about them at all. Thank you for your viewing time.


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    Re: A few old pocket watches

    Ingersoll Trenton was one of the Dollar Watch makers who introduced the Reliance watch brand in 1917 so I assume that is when your first watch is from approximately. The Reliance brand was a better quality watch with jewels.
    Waterbury took over the Ingersoll name in 1922, so I'm guessing between 1917 and 1922. Rob31 is our Dollar Watch guy so if he comes by he may be able to help further.
    New York Standard made over 8 million watches from 1885-1929 and I don't have a serial number list for them sorry. Might be able to identify the movement if we had a photo of it.
    Thanks for posting.

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