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Thread: Find a Watchmaker Online

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    Courtesy of ULF.

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    Re: Find a Watchmaker Online

    Super, thanks!!
    Tick Talk says, "A watch in the hand is worth two on the wrist"

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    Re: Find a Watchmaker Online

    Great idea posting those links.

    When I was living in Wyoming a few years ago, I used the AWCI website with great success. I ended up with several choices (local for the American rural west). A couple of phone calls led me to a really great watchmaker who enjoyed working on the old stuff. I would never have found this watchmaker without that website - and my experience with vintage watches would have been poorer for it.

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    Re: Find a Watchmaker Online

    Good post,
    should be a sticky.

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    Re: Find a Watchmaker Online

    Remind me after this has been around for a few weeks to merge this with the thread in Links and Articles. Tnx for posting!!
    "Forever is composed of nows." - Emily Dickinson

    "The watch has to be surrounded by a history.
    You need more than just a great design. You need to create an atmosphere around the product.
    Who is the company behind it? Why are they using this material?
    People need to be able to identify the watch with themselves. It's based on emotion." - Ralph Furter

    ...that's just my opinion and I've been wrong before and will be again and might be now!

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    Re: Find a Watchmaker Online

    what a great thread !
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