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    First pocket watch Loyal brand watch

    As the title suggests, looking at picking up my first pocket watch from the Loyal brand.

    Distributed by Wallace Bishop here in Australia, I am looking to see if anyone has any info, thoughts or suggestions.

    Got plenty of help when I picked up my nightly workwatch, a casio frogman, so figured the people here were the best place to start with.

    Open to other suggestions for a first pocketwatch up to $AU500.

    All help appreciated,


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    Re: First pocket watch Loyal brand watch

    I'm not aware of any brand called "Loyal", but $500AUD will certainly get you a nice pocket watch. In fact you can get a nice (presumably mechanical?) pocket watch for less than $500. But if that's your budget, you can get some nice ones.

    Another Australian here, by the way; from Victoria.
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    Re: First pocket watch Loyal brand watch

    I checked both the Loyal watch site and the Wallace Bishop site, and neither list a pocketwatch. For $500, I'm guessing it's a ETA 6497 in a stainless steel or plated case though.
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