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Thread: From Flea to Collect

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    From Flea to Collect

    I want to equip myself with enough practise and information, to service my own old-timers and have fair correct information about at least the brand(s) I am collecting.I am growing ( information-wise ) here in WUS actually, you all are witnessing it, I am very happy with this hobby, enjoying and learning a lot.

    So I decided to buy some vintage manuals, catalogs and books ...Not all information is in internet, plus on paper the information is solid and I won't doubt.

    At the other hand I started buying some convolute watches and parts, just to practise dissembling movements and put them together and recognize differences and so on so forth... This was the idea while buying :)

    But then, when the lot arrives - I understood that I bought again some nice pieces - and start feeling sorry to destroy them, even though their vintage hands and straps would be great donors for my collection pieces. Now I am thinking to restore them, if not me, somebody more experienced. Look at these beauties, how to leave'em in my inexperienced hands. Its kind of emotional, who knows who was wearing them and what they went through...

    Do you have also some emotions towards your watches and feel obliged to get them back to tick? The boss fortunately doesn't oppose my obsession but still is not interested in any kind of watch except the one I presented her which she wears with love.

    Look at this beauties, how not to rehabilitate them:

    Name:  $(KGrHqZ,!qwF!-Frz!GDBQkYbCR-!g~~60_12.JPG
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    Bought this convolute for learning purposes for 20 bucks,
    the straps and hands were my potential target.
    But turned out some nice pieces.

    Name:  619173416_o.jpg
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    Found out that, the above 'Bentima' is an 'Oris' trademark from 1928,
    love the hands and dial.Some vintage second hands are existing in the market,
    need a chrono pusher and a second hand otherwise the movement is fine.

    below 6 is marked , ' foreign ' ?

    Name:  619173449_o.jpg
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    Look at this beautiful dial and the hands.
    The strap is another bonus

    Name:  619173429_o.jpg
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    find the subseconds dial marks very chic

    Name:  1 (2).JPG
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    This one is a weird movement from Urs Schild, the ancestor of Schild Freres and later Eterna ( 1906 )
    no idea why the movement is marked U.Schild, can not be from 1860 Urs Schild era really.
    Probably the movement marks changed pretty later than dial marks, and its a very old stock.
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    Re: From Flea to Collect

    Zyk1on, I understand your passion and sentiments.

    You must decide which watches are worth resurrecting.
    Put these away and, when you have developed the skills, you will bring these watches back to life.

    That Bentima is an interesting watch, do you have a movement picture you can share?
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    Re: From Flea to Collect

    Nice find,zyk1on.
    Pretty much how I started collecting vintage watches-buying whole lots of junk and sellecting it.This is the reason why I have today couple boxes full of parts and movements for pocket and wrist watches that I dont know what to do with.So listen to radger and be reasonable.
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    Re: From Flea to Collect

    Unfortunately can not post a photo now, used the sellers photo since I am on a post abroad. But have found another one in net,PW case, not sure about the size. Can not read the markings on movement though.

    I think I am done with that beginner part of buying everything I like, I started now developing vertically only in particular brands ( Meylan dynasty ) and slowed down - finally.

    Once I am back home for Christmas can make some photos - will have a lot actually, 50-60 purchases waiting for me - was a long post this time

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    Name:  14708_m.jpg
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    I am sure its not only me who is so emotional about old timers :)
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    Re: From Flea to Collect

    looks interesting thanks for sharing
    Omega the sign of Excellence since 1848. Jaeger Le Coultre Horlogerie de Luxe depuis 1833
    22 times Olympic games timekeeper, Nasa watch supplier and holder of several world records of precision, Omega has the world's trust
    Omega and Rolex for ever
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    Re: From Flea to Collect

    an update since I am at home and starting digging into treasures. I opened the Bentima- the Oris sub brand,obviously it is another ebauche than the one above pictured.

    On the plate its marked cal 99, no other marks recognized or visible. Did Oris have a cal 99 ? Or another manufacturer? The supposedly existing central seconds function has a sliding button instead of a pusher:

    Name:  DSC01455 (Medium).JPG
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    Name:  DSC01458 (Medium).JPG
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    and this piece was in the case fell down when I opened, have no idea yet what for it is.

    Any idea of the movement?
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    Re: From Flea to Collect

    That is your pin-pallet lever.

    Was the cock loose?

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