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    Fontane Bleu space odysee 2001

    I've inherited the above listed watch. It's an automatic circa 1967
    It seems to work properly with original parts. Curious if anyone could place a ballpark value on it.

    It's in great shape for age. Typical scratches for its age. I can send pictures if someone interested

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    Re: Fontane Bleu space odysee 2001

    We're always interested in seeing pictures - but we don't attempt valuations in here at all. See stickies for some of the reasons.
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    Please don't PM me to ask for a valuation - I won't attempt one.

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    Re: Fontane Bleu space odysee 2001

    Yes, please post a photo or two - I can't find anything on the web with that name. If you've inherited it, then in my eyes it is a family heirloom and I wouldn't sell at any price. Or are you just curious as to value for insurance?
    2001 is one of my favourite scifi movies of all time. Such groundbreaking work. It would be great to see a watch inspired by the movie.

    Is it like this?

    From an old post on this fine forum:

    If so, then it is a pretty cool-looking Hamilton.
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