Found a vintage watch in my grandmother's heirloom
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Thread: Found a vintage watch in my grandmother's heirloom

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    Question Found a vintage watch in my grandmother's heirloom

    Hey guys,

    could you help me please?

    I found a very old and vintage chronograph among my grandmother's heirloom (RIP ) and I was quite shocked, since I wasnt expecting it.

    It's a Bossinger, 18k gold, men chronograph, without bracelet, condition reflects it's age (it should be appr 70y old now...) so it's sratched, and sadly movement is not working properly.

    These screenshots were not taken by me (!!!), but this one looks exactly the same like mine does.

    Name:  $(KGrHqMOKiUE3GS6E42QBN3fzO09Z!~~0_12.JPG
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    Name:  $(KGrHqZ,!hwE3OYEKsL6BN3fzRRFHg~~0_12.JPG
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    Name:  438195404_o.jpg
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    Questions are,

    - How much is the watch actually worth it?

    - Appr how much would it cost me to repair it at a local swiss watch specialist clockshop so that it can function again?

    - What else should I know about this watch? About its brand and this model.

    Would appreciate all the help, since I am a noob with vintage watches.

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    Re: Found a vintage watch in my grandmother's heirloom

    Hi Ed,

    The repair costs of your time piece will greatly depend on whether the piece in itself actually work properly or if there are pieces that needs to be replaced. I would say around $400 USD should be the price to get your piece to good and wearable condition given of course, that there are no major parts that needs replacement.

    It's worth something since that is in 18k solid gold and Swiss made at that. I believe we are not allowed to give valuations in this forum.

    I apologize.

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    Re: Found a vintage watch in my grandmother's heirloom

    The Bossinger brand has been registered in 1954, so the watch was manufactured either then, or later.
    I'm not much of a chronograph movement expert... Landeron 48? Or one of its derivatives?
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Landeron 48
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    Re: Found a vintage watch in my grandmother's heirloom

    It is indeed a Landeron 48 - and the good news is that there should still be plenty of parts for that movement if you should need them. One of the most common chronograph movements of all time.

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    Found a vintage watch in my grandmother's heirloom

    Heartpiece and clutch look more like a Landeron 51, for which parts are easy to find, too. So don't worry - go to a good watchmaker and ask for a quote. If you want my opinion, as it is an heirloom - and a golden one at that! - I'd have it serviced and would wear it, even if I had no recollection who wore it before me (And maybe the Sleeping Beauty tells it to you if you listen closely )


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    Re: Found a vintage watch in my grandmother's heirloom

    Thanks for the inputs guys, much appreciated! :)

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