Four-circle symbol on pocket watch bought in 1920s Latvia

Thread: Four-circle symbol on pocket watch bought in 1920s Latvia

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    Four-circle symbol on pocket watch bought in 1920s Latvia

    Hello, I'm a newbie, please be kind.

    I'm trying to identify the symbols on a silver pocket watch, owned by my great-grandmother (1884–1942) in Latvia. It was probably bought in the 1920s, Swiss-made and inexpensive/common for its time (my great-grandmother was not a rich woman).

    The symbols are: four slightly overlapping circles in a horizontal row, all containing a circle of laurels. From left to right, the circles contain: what looks like a laurel wreath, a left-facing woman's head, a right-facing man's (?) head, and a squarish symbol… possibly a trolley? Or a horn?

    Other numbers (maybe serial numbers?):
    And what could be a stylized H, or could be just a scratch.

    The other wording/symbols I've already identified (thanks to searching the forums) are:
    Cylindre Remointoire 10 rubis = cylinder escapement, stem-wound, with 10 jewels (ruby bearings)
    0,875, 84 and symbol of a standing bear = 87.5% (or 84 zolotniki) silver, made in Switzerland for export sale

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    Re: Four-circle symbol on pocket watch bought in 1920s Latvia

    Welcome to Watchuseek! Your watch was from around the turn of the century (19th to 20th, that is!) and has a cylindre escapement movement with 10 jewels to minimise friction. It is one of the lower quality movements of its day, although still higher than the pin lever movements also found. 10 rubies is the maximum jewel count for this sort of movement (the theoretical maximum is 12 but the centre gear was always left unjewelled) and the minimum is 4. The four circles are not a logo of sorts, these are pictures of medals which the maker was awarded at exhibitions for his watches in general (not this sort of watch, let alone this particular specimen). Which unfortunately still tells us no more about the exact maker, really. It is pin set and might be a nice watch if it wasn't for the damage (crown, stem and stem tube broken off).

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Four-circle symbol on pocket watch bought in 1920s Latvia

    Thank you for the response! Very interesting about the medals awarded to the maker.

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    Re: Four-circle symbol on pocket watch bought in 1920s Latvia

    Yes, usually the medals are awards and very often they write additional about the award like : Exposition universelle XXXX, or Grand Prix XXXX. In some other cases it's just marketing and the medals are fantasy. With no other hints on the movement or a known manufacture specific one its really impossible to find a maker just with these medals.
    I hope you find a way to fix this nice watch.

    Kind regards Silke
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